Infographic Resume

About Me:

I love data and information.

Finding it, digesting it, organizing it. Making sense of it and helping others understand it. Knowledge greatly benefits organizations and saves us all time, energy and money.

I am a high-level visionary and consulting professional who specializes in gathering accurate data and information to prepare:
  1. Detailed, well-researched e-marketing programs;
  2. Methodical, innovative and cutting edge strategic plans;
  3. Business plans to build successful e-commerce platforms;
  4. Competitive SWOT and competitor analyses;
  5. Effective and ethical digital communication plans;
  6. Evidence and goal-based analytics; and,
  7. Responsive and competitive SEO and SEM strategies.
Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I am:
  1. Certified in e-Commerce;
  2. A specialist in search engine optimization and search engine marketing;
  3. An expert communicator;
  4. Focused on user experience (UX);
  5. Driven by the use of process-oriented methods;
  6. Knowledgeable in best-practices for cross-cultural engagement and global market penetration;
  7. Constantly maintaining an approach to lifelong learning;
  8. Articulate in defining what businesses need to grow and remain competitive in today’s fast-moving online and technological environments;
  9. Experienced in the use and development of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management) and CMS (Content Management Systems);
  10. A connector and builder of communities;
  11. Professional, maintaining the highest standards possible with expectations of excellence and success.
With these talents and personality traits, I approach my projects with determination, collaboration, objectivity, and resourcefulness. My results-driven approach to meeting client goals can provide an increase in traffic, sales, revenues, and brand recognition.
Having a broad and extensive background in leadership, administration and office management, extending to a number of industries, has assured my clients that I possess depth in understanding the high level of detail required to create plans and programs which will work well within our communities, our societies and a global economy.
Project work is what I am passionate about. You can find my experiences here, and my references here. As well, I maintain a listing of educational and lifelong learning credentials here and my work samples here.